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New Tesserat/Hypercube

The Tesserat/Hypercube is available now. A journey to the 4th dimension. The tesseract is a beautiful symbol of the interesting concept that the universe is both finite and at the same time unbounded. It is also a powerful reminder of our limited comprehension and ability to absorb and fully understand the beauty, mystery, wonder… (read more)

Genesa Crystal with Ruby

A 14k gold Genesa Crystal set with Ruby (in it’s rough form, uncut). This is a powerful symbol for healing balance and the Ruby is considerd a remedy for strength and fertility. This specific pendant was brought back to the workshop for some modifications after five years. It was bought by a nice couple… (read more)

New Christ Consciousness/Cosmic Grid pendant

A new Christ Consciousness/Cosmic Grid pendant. One of the universal truths of those who are spiritually awake/aware is that we are all one. The incapability of accepting this idea is the realm of ignorance that leads to fear hatred and suffering. Since I find that at these times this realization is most important I… (read more)

Bulgakov Ring

A gold version of the “Bulgakov Ring” It’s design is inspired by Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”. The great thing about this book is the two level story, that illustrates how one must face up to the truth of oneself. The repeated theme in the novel is that cowardliness is the worst of all… (read more)