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The Egyptian Ankh Symbol

The Egyptian Ankh symbol is also known as the key of life. The middle piece is the ancient symbol of the Aten – the Sun Sphere – the source of all life which became the only symbol of religious significance during Amenhotep IV, who later took the name Akhenaten in worship and recognition of… (read more)

Preorder Sun Talisman

Here comes the Sun! You can preorder the limited edition annual Sun Talismans which will be assembled on August the 16th 2013 between 12:45-13:48 GMT, as the Sun travelled in its sign of exaltation (Leo). During this time, the Sun was at the peak of its essential power. The Sun is the center of… (read more)

Gold Scarab Pendant

A gold scarab pendant. The Genuine Scarab beetle design is an accurate and luxurious representation of the ancient Egyptian belief in the after life and the eternity of the soul. It is also a a perfect and unique symbol of the ancient creation Egyptian myth and religion.