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The Mayan World Tree Pendant

One of my favorite Mayan concepts; The Mayan World Tree pendant. Here’s a gold and silver one. The Tree of Life, is a very widespread motif in the pre-Columbus Americas. It appears often in Creation myths, in understandings of cosmology and as an important iconographic element in the artwork of varied cultures across America…. (read more)

Antique Kaballah Amulet

Here’s the finished accurate replica of an antique Kaballah amulet that was given to me by a French customer. On one side there is an engraving of secret angelic names with one of the names of God. On the other side appears Jacob’s blessing to Joseph with the Tetragramatton – the four letter name of… (read more)

Ancient Egyptian Cadenza

Some ancient Egyptian cadenza…. A 14k Horeb Unification pendant. This piece was designed by Milton Thompson and it won David’s jewelry design contest. Here is what Milton wrote about the design: “I designed this as my Egyptian trinity, incorporating the left eye for mind, the right eye for body, and the ankh for spirit… (read more)