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Christ Consciousness Pendant

Silver small Christ Consciousness pendant ready. This beautiful sacred geometry structure is a combination between two of the Perfect Platonic Solids the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron. Each facet of a dodecahedron is actually a pentagon/pentad. The pentad was so revered to early Greek philosophers and the disciples of Pythagoras that it’s construction and it’s… (read more)

New Video for The Lunar Phases Talisman

Working on a new video for The Lunar Phases Talisman. It is an authentic Moon Talisman, and like all my Talismans it is created and consecrated at auspicious times when the Moon is at its most beneficial, and protective aspects. Moon talismans are considered to have a very general range of helpful and supportive… (read more)

Silver Tesseract Pendant

A silver Tesseract pendant. A journey to the 4th dimension. “Who verily knows and who can here declare it, whence it was born and whence comes this creation? The gods are later than this world’s production. Who knows then whence it first came into being? He, the first origin of this creation, whether he… (read more)

Seven Metals Astrology Ring

The Chaldean Order/Seven metals Astrology Ring. “Seven are the passages to perfection of matter” Count Allessandro Cagliostro The Chaldean order, is essentially a hierarchy of powers that are represented by heavenly bodies (the stars), this order of powers is expressed on the axis of time as orbits of the seven discovered planets – Saturn,… (read more)

Silver Egyptian Winged Scarab

A silver Egyptian Winged Scarab set with a beautiful Lapis Lazuli. The Scarab Beetle is one of the most common symbols in ancient Egyptian amulets and art works. The scarab has a famous habit of rolling balls of dung into small holes in the ground, laying its eggs inside the balls so that the… (read more)