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New Emerald Tablet Pendant

The New Emerald tablet Pendant and our current discount on related designs. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is one of the most mysterious, cryptic and enigmatic texts. The text is actually derived from the Hermetic tradition – an ancient Greek and Egyptian philosophical texts which are attributed to the mysterious figure known as… (read more)

Discount for the Ring of Eternal Flow

Our daily 20% discount for the Ring of Eternal Flow. 20% discount – valid until February 24th Here is the link for the silver version : and Here is the link to the gold version: The ring is a reminder for the true nature of all things – Change & Flow The eternal… (read more)

Silver Fibonacci Pendant

A silver Fibonacci Pendant. The Fibonacci Sequence is a portal to the cosmic laws of existence itself. This Fibonacci sequence pendant was designed by Gary Meisner who won David’s jewelry design contest for April-May 2007. And here is how Gary describes it: “The first numbers of the Fibonacci Series ( 0, 1, 1, 2,… (read more)

Silver Runes Ring

A silver Runes Ring. The meaning of the word “rune” is “secret” or “whisper”. In Nordic mythology, the runes were accorded great magical powers and their use was known only to an elite few. In ancient Nordic poems, the runes are seen as a means for healing, prediction and soothsaying and as a means… (read more)

The Karma Pendant

The karma Pendant This pendant was created to imprint its possessor with the understanding that his thoughts and every decision you make aware or unaware has massive power and the ability to create a reality. The idea behind the pendant is treating ideas as a seed planted in the earth. If this seed is… (read more)