Eye of Horus Ring

Eye of Horus Ring

A silver Eye of Horus ring set with a beautiful brilliant emerald.


The symbols in this ring are the blue lotus and the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus was used as a symbol of protection and health, royalty and magic.

The six parts that compose the Eye of Horus shape, form six different mathematical fractions: 1,½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16 1/32. Each fraction represents one of the five senses with which we experience reality. If we join the fractions together, we find that we get close to 1 but never reach it. That is because the ancient Egyptian belief that says that only in the next world does the soul reach its perfection.

The symbol on the sides of the ring is the Egyptian Lotus flower. The sacred blue lotus is one of the most common symbols in the Egyptian art. It can be found in ancient temples and tombs of the ancient kingdom. Most of the times the blue lotus can be found in scenes of celebrations, dances, religious ceremonies, religious festivals and spiritual and sacred contexts. For the ancient Egyptians, the beautiful blue lotus deep meaning and symbolism. The Blue lotus rising during the day from the Nile along with the Sun. It’s blue sky color with it’s sun like glowing deep yellow center, symbolized for this ancient culture, the sun traveling in the sky during the day. It’s sweet scent welcomed the morning and symbolized life and it’s sinking during the night time marked darkness death and the afterlife. That is why it is a symbol of creation, life, sun and rebirth.

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