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Mayan World Tree 14k Gold

A 14k gold mayan World Tree. The Image of the Mayan World Tree is an accurate depiction of the Ceiba Tree with it’s bottle like trunk covered with thorns which reminded the ancient Mayan people the body of a crocodile. The crocodile tree became a symbol of the cosmos or the Milky way and… (read more)

Three Rings

I’ve received this photo from one of my devoted clients – Melissa Kriger. The three rings are The Vesica Pisces Ring-the symbol of light, The Dune Ring inspired by Frank Herbert’s novel – Dune, and the Ka Ring which bears the symbol of the Seed of Life – the pattern of creation and consciousness.… (read more)

Final Touches Venus Jupiter Solar Talisman

Some final touches while adding a 14k gold string with turquoise beads for this Venus Jupiter Solar Talisman. These limited special edition talismans were assembled on December 4th between 21:11-22:13 GMT+3 (Givatayim, Israel; 32N04; 34E48) A couple of month ago Jupiter moved into the fire sign Leo, where he will stay for approximately one… (read more)

Three Personalized Cosmic Sigils Talismans

Three Personalized Cosmic Sigils for three people from three continents, that will be set with emeralds diamonds and rubies at the inner circle to indicate the exact placement of the planets at the moment the last part was assembled. In that way each talisman was “born” or created at that exact time. It is actually… (read more)

What Were You Made For Pendant

What were you made for? Here’s a glimpse inside this pendant seconds before I solder it and create a perfect ocrahedron. Inside you can see a question mark with the most important question one can ask: What were you made for? I heard this phrase from Haim Algranati (a great luthier who crafts brilliant… (read more)

Jupiter-Venus Talisman Silver

The Jupiter-Venus Talisman Silver (*Limited Edition*) Limited Edition. Assembled on December 4th 2014 between 21:11-22:13 GMT+3 The Talisman’s design is a blend of Venus and Jupiter magical symbolism. It gives great joy and optimism, enthusiasm and winds of freedom and adventure. It will lighten up any situation, give strength, guidance and authority. In astrology,… (read more)

Gifts for People

Gifts for People in Need Project ————————————— This project was first started two years ago and we feel it is a great way to give others. David offers 30 items for people in need who cannot afford our jewelry. If you or someone you know is in need for an inspiring symbol or a… (read more)

Mayan Venus Talisman Ring

Mayan Venus Talisman Ring-Limited Edition!!! Pre order now!!! Will be assembled on Thursday! This model was used for the rare and sold out edition of the Venus transit talisman That were made on the 6th of June 2012. After many requests I’m finally have a rare opportunity to recreate it as powerful Venus-Jupiter Solar… (read more)