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Gold What Were You Made For? Pendant

Another gold “What were you made for?” pendant goes this time to Denmark. Inside this perfect Octahedron lies a gold question mark engraved with the best question ever. I first encountered the sentence at Haim Algranati’s – a world name for custom guitars who lives in London. In a documentary movie, he said that… (read more)

Yin Yang Asian Philosophical Outlook

Find it here – The Yin Yang is an ancient Asian philosophical outlook that sees polar opposites or opposite powers as powers that complete and define each other. Opposite powers constitute a point of relationship and they complete and balance each other. Every power grows from the other, for example, light and dark or… (read more)

The Four Elements Collection

The 15% discount on all The Four Elements collection ends today!! A few weeks on a clear Monday evening my four year old daughter stood in front of me, while staring at me with a serious expression on her face and repeated four words “Adama, Maim , Aveer , Ash”. I held her in… (read more)

Fire Element Ring with Diamonds

A gold Fire Element Ring set with diamonds. The Four Elements The secret wisdom of the ancients and the philosophical ideas and concept of the cosmos and the forces of creation can be found in the ancient theory of The Four Elements. The four elements as a doctrine that explains the structure and the… (read more)

Inspiring Wedding and Engagement Rings

Do you know someone who is getting married or celebrating anniversary? Share this to their page. Inspiring wedding and engagement rings… Diligo Ergu Sum – I Love therefore I am Mobius ring – The ring with only one facet… Lotus ring – Symbol of beauty and humility Pattern of Life – Cosmic pattern of… (read more)

Tha Chariot Tarot Card

A finished engraving of Tha Chariot Tarot Card made according to Karyn Easton’s Tarot Deck. The Chariot card is the seventh card in the Major Arcana. It usually marked as card number 7. The chariot card is a triumph and victory card. It originates in the ancient customs of victory parades from ancient roman… (read more)