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Pre Order Lunar Phases Talisman

Pre order the limited edition rare Lunar Phases Talisman. A limited edition will be assembled on 2.23.2015 between 8:50 – 09:20 GMT+3. The rare and genuine beautiful Lunar Phases Talisman is created and consecrated at auspicious times when the Moon is at its most beneficial, and protective aspects. Another unique creation designed by our… (read more)

New Sketch for a Circle Formation Pendant

5,000 light years from home????? Made this sketch for a new crop circle formation pendant. Got the idea from Kathy Kirk who posted a photo of this formation on this page a few weeks ago. Many of these pieces are a brilliant form of art, and it usually revolves around sacred geometry. This one resonates… (read more)

Original Footage of the creation process of the Venus in Pisces Exaltation Talisman

This is the original footage (from 2012) of the creation process of the limited edition Venus in Pisces exaltation talisman – The Divine Love Talisman I’ve had a rare opportunity to recreate this talisman on February the 9th 2015 between 13:20-13:42+3 GMT . In Pisces. A Year has passed since Venus has last visited… (read more)

Venus in Pisces Exaltation Talisman Creation

Yesterday I had the pleasure to recreate once again a limited number of the sought after Venus in Pisces exaltation talisman I had a time frame of only 22 minutes (13:20-13:42+3 GMT) and that is why It’s almost impossible to assemble more than a handful of these. So all of you who’ve been waiting… (read more)

Venus in Pisces Talisman

Pre Order now! Venus in Pisces Talisman – A Year has passed since Venus had last visited Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. Last week (27/1/2015) she entered it once again, giving us the opportunity to celebrate and invoke her heightened virtues of love, compassion and beauty. We managed to find a very auspicious… (read more)

Sphere of Conciousness Pendant

Assembling a Sphere of Conciousness pendant. I’ve always been a fan of Buckminster Fuller from the first time I set eyes on a model of his geodesic dome. The first thing that came to my mind was quite obscure (at least at the time I thought it was…). I thought that this is “consciousness”…. (read more)