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A Turtle

Since I was a child I used to have close encounters with turtles. I was actually fascinated by all of the living beings in the animal kingdom, and I can still remember the frightened pale white face of my neighbour as he was looking at this five year old kid hugging his rottweiler while the… (read more)

15% Off on Buddhist Collection

15% off on our Buddhist Jewelry Collection: Buddhism is one of the philosophies I find most interesting and contributing. Implementing Buddhist concept into our life can bring true happiness and wholeness. Among our Buddhist collection you can find symbols such as the Dharma Wheel, The Deer, the Ficus Religiusa leafs, the Sri Yantra and… (read more)

Preparing the Personalized Cosmic Sigil

Preparing the different pieces for a Personalized Cosmic Sigil. This is our flagship model! The different parts will be soldered at the exact time of the planetary alignment that is depicted in this sigil. This alignment was chosen by our in house astrologer michael ofek in correlation to the birth chart of the client,… (read more)