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Emerald Tablet and Emerald Stone

Emerald Tablet and Emerald Stone Related Jewelry (now 16% off) The Emerald Tablet pendant contains text from the The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. Over the years and upon contemplating on the words of this text, one can actually discover the many layers and hidden meanings of these words of wisdom. The text speaks… (read more)

Wonderful Testimonial

Here is a wonderful testimonial we received yesterday: “I received my necklace this evening…it is beautiful!” “It arrived quite magically as I was closing my small herb shoppe. A musician walked in and asked if he could look around, I said “Of course!” As I was opening the the package, he sat down and began… (read more)

Special Personalized Astrological Trinity Talisman

A special silver, white and rose gold Personalized Astrological Trinity Talisman. About two years ago, I have created the personalized Cosmic Sigil Pendant. A personalized astrological talisman customized to your own birth chart and crafted at a selected time to enhance the special qualities for you. Very recently I came up with another version… (read more)