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Runes Bracelet

Runes Bracelet Ancient Nordic symbols of Magic and mystery – (15% holidays coupon in website) You choose 3 runes that fit you best to intensify characters you wish to strengthen in your life. The meaning of the word “rune” is “secret” or “whisper”. In Nordic mythology, the runes were accorded great magical powers and… (read more)

30 Spiritual Gifts

30 Spiritual Gifts for People in Need This is one of our most loved projects. We started this three years ago and continue to find great joy in it. We know it is not like saving the world or like solving the global warming or the refugee crisis but it is about spreading good… (read more)

“I love therefore I am” Ring

Working on the “I love therefore I am” Ring The “I love therefore I am” ring is my revision/take on the famous quote from the well-known philosopher, Descartes, who declared “I think therefore I am”. Descartes was trying to logically prove his existence. The popular phrase is also well known in it’s Latin rendition… (read more)

Water Element Pendant

Water Element Pendant (now 16% off) The water element represents flow, emotion, intuition and imagination. The three circles that cross over one another represent the well known second stage of the seed of life – this is the second day of creation, when water was created, the three circles also represent the triple molecule… (read more)

Star Children with Turquoise

Star Children with Turquoise Related Jewelry 16% off – The Image of the Mayan World Tree is an accurate depiction of the Ceiba Tree with it’s bottle like trunk covered with thorns which reminded the ancient Mayan people the body of a crocodile. The crocodile tree became a symbol of the cosmos or the… (read more)