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Sirius Rising Talisman

Sirius Rising Talisman A Limited Edition was assembled on July 6th 2015 SIRIUS is a star of success and power, wealth, faithfulness and devotion and true passion for achieving one’s goals. It marks immense creative talents in any field, and makes the native Brilliant and inspired. The images on the Talisman are the Image… (read more)

Mars Talisman

Mars Talisman – Last Day for 15% off Mars in Scorpio has a powerful ability to stay engaged and build an intense emotional fire that can get anything done. This is a Very sexual and magnetically attractive energy, which can summon very deep and intensely fulfilling interactions and experiences. This energy also radiates a… (read more)

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman

Jupiter Exaltation Talisman 15% of until February 25th This is a description of “The Seal of Jupiter” from the ancient magical text – The book of Alexander. The text describes its uses, both physically and circumstantially: “How to make the Seal of Jupiter which diminishes weakness and ends physical discomfort”. The text continues: “He… (read more)

Mars Talisman

The Pattern of Mars Talisman Sterling Silver – 14K Gold – The pattern of Mars movement in relation to Earth creates the structure of a seven petal flower template which is analogous to the seven pointed star or heptagram. The number seven and the seven pointed star were common in the tradition of… (read more)

Limited Edition Mars in Scorpio Talismans

New Limited Edition Mars in Scorpio Talismans Only 16 pieces of these rare and authentic talismans were assembled on February 14th 2016 between 5:10 – 5:54 AM GMT+3 The center of the Talisman is a Replica of an Ancient Roman coin with the symbols of Mars on it. Around the center are the the… (read more)

The Japanese Crane Ring

The Japanese Crane Ring The Japanese crane ring contains two beautiful Japanese symbols – the crane and the cherry blossoming. The crane is a symbol of inner peace, beauty, loyalty and longevity. In some Asians cultures the crane represents eternal life. The cherry blossoming (The Sakura) is one of the important Japanese yearly events…. (read more)

Venus Pattern Design

Venus Pattern Design Sterling Silver – Solid Gold – The relationship of Venus with the sun and the earth has the most beautiful and magical signature and because of this, it is considered the Queen of the Sky. Venus is our closest neighbor other than the Moon. Every 584 days she comes closer… (read more)

The New Divine Commandment

The New Divine Commandment and a wonderful Story Sterling Silver Version – Solid Gold Version – Our story this time takes place in the land of Israel in the latter part of the 1st century and the first part of the 2nd. During the reign of the Roman Empire. Our protagonist is Akiva… (read more)

The Divine Commandment

Finished My New Design – The Divine Commandment Sterling Silver Version – Solid Gold Version – Rabbi Akiva, one of the greatest sages, was asked once if he can sum up the sacred Torah in one sentence? He said “Veahavta Le’ reakha kamokha” – ”Love thy neighbor as thyself”. I’ve created this pendant… (read more)