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Merkaba Prana Sphere

Merkaba Prana Sphere (15% off for Mother’s day) The Merkaba with Prana sphere is actually a more accurate model of the Merkaba as it represents the energetic field that surrounds the human body while activating the Merkaba. The sphere represents the female and the straight lines of the Merkaba represent the male. Combined together,… (read more)

Hunab Ku Pendant

Hunab Ku Pendant Part of mother’s day specials – The Hunab Ku pendant represents the symbol of the Creator God in the Mayan culture. The meaning of the name Hunab Ku is “The Only God”. In Mayan mythology, Hunab Ku is related to the Creator God – Itzamna. The Mayans were very advanced in… (read more)

Lioness Motherhood Pendant

Lioness Motherhood Pendant Jewelry for Mothers Day Special – For me the lioness has always been the ultimate symbol for motherhood. The devoted mother protecting her children, teaching and guiding them with infinite support and wisdom. A symbol of true strength and power. At the top right there is one lioness figure that represents… (read more)

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life Part of Mother’s Day Specials – This is one of my first designs and the most loved one. By connecting all the middle points of the 13 circles to each other, one gets the pattern known as the Metatron Cube. Inside it are five three – dimensional shapes known as… (read more)

Schina Famulet

Schina Famulet Mother’s Day Gifts – The female figurine raises her hands to hold the intertwined Magen David. The hands of the Shechina, the feminine face of God, are merged with the symbol expressing the balance between male and female in Judaism and other cultures. Special Feminine Amulets, pendants and talismans, expressing feminine qualities…. (read more)

Sun/Solar Talismans

Sun/Solar Talismans – Last Day for the 15% Discount “…Renders him that wears it to be renowned, amiable, acceptable, potent in all his works, and equals a man to kings, and princes, elevating him to high fortunes, allowing him to do whatsoever he pleaseth…” Cornelius Agrippa Three Books of Occult Philosophy Enjoy

Sun Power Talismans

These are two finished Sun Power silver and gold Talismans out of about 11 pieces which were assembled today on April the 15th between 05:44-06:26 GMT +3 during this exaltation of the Sun. These new unique Solar Power talisman incorporates age old traditions, in order to create a super powerful talisman for strengthening… (read more)

Alchemical Wedding Talisman

Alchemical Wedding silver and gold Talisman with 15% discount till April the 19th Nine pieces were made made today 13.04.2016 between 06:56-7:12 GMT+3 during the exaltation of the Sun, the Moon was in cancer with mercury on the horizon. The talismans was assembled during this special configuration of Mercury, the Sun and the Moon,… (read more)

New Solar Power Talisman Ring

New Solar Power Talisman Ring For more details click – Limited Edition will be assembled on 15.04.2016 12:20-12:55 GMT+3. The symbol on the top is the ancient Mesopotamian symbol of the Sun or the Sun god Shamash and on both sides of the ring there is the ancient Egyptian Solar Disk .The Ruby is… (read more)