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Double Helix Golden Mean Spiral Pendant

New Double Helix Golden Mean Spiral Pendant – 15% off on the new related designs One of my favorite concepts is the realization that we humans are in fact the universe itself, on an endless journey of evolution, learning and trying to understand itself through our human experience. The Golden Mean Spiral The Golden… (read more)

72 Names of G-D Tablet

72 Names of G-D Tablet Part of Protection Jewelry Collection – (Sale ends in one day) One of the things that always fascinated me was the parallel between the “revealed name” of G-d in Judaism, the tetragrammaton – name with the four letters YHWH and the tetractys of Pythagoras. The tetragrammaton incorporates basically the… (read more)

Eye of Horus Designs

Eye of Horus Designs Part of Jewelry for protection Special. The Eye of Horus also known as The Eye of Ra, is an ancient Egyptian symbol, of protection, health, royalty and sovereignty. The Eye was a representation of the goddess wadjet, protector of lower Egypt, and after the unification of the two kingdom, she… (read more)

Jewelry Talismans for Protection

Jewelry Talismans for Protection Click here to view designs – In the picture: Upper left – Eye of Horus ring Upper right – King Solomon’s ring Lower left – personalized sigil Talisman Lower right – Personalized trinity Talisman

The Philosopher’s Ring

The Philosopher’s Ring Silver Version – Gold Version – “The Philosopher’s Ring” is a modern take on the 17th century philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s own signet ring. The ring is a symbol of courage, bravery and self-belief. It is meant to inspire the wearer to be confident and to hold on to his own… (read more)

Divine Love Talisman

Divine Love Talisman (Venus In Pisces) Sterling Silver – Silver and Gold – Full gold – Last remaining pieces from March 13th 2016 The talisman contains the astrological sign of Venus. The pentagon pattern in the upper circle is actually the celestial beautiful and magical pattern that she creates on her 584… (read more)