2016 New Designs

Year 2016 is coming to an end. We at Ka Gold Jewelry would like to take the opportunity to send our blessings as well as our prayers for the coming year:

May in this year unconditional love will spread without limits
May in this year peace will find its place to the hearts of souls and nations alike
May in this year mutual respect will overcome prejudices bigotry and racism
May in this year humans will start making the necessary changes required to protect mother earth
And may in this year richness will spread between many and poverty will be diminished
We want to wish you a happy and peaceful new year

2016 summary
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The year 2016 has brought with it some great new designs. Here is a reminder of the new designs we had:

-New Flower of Life Collection
-The Divine Commandment
-Mars in Scorpio
-Pentalpha Ring
-Solar Power Talisman
-Metatron’s Cube
-Over Soul Ring
-Venus Horn (Sold Out)
-Double Helix Golden Mean Spiral
-Philosopher’s Talisman – A Mercury Jupiter Conjunction
-Spica Talisman

https://goo.gl/5N9E7u16% off for 2016 new designs