A cool collection of beautiful pictures taken by our customers.

Top left image:
Victory Ring Silverhttps://goo.gl/sNZMNq
Golden Mean Spiral Ring Silverhttps://goo.gl/Nfa7wL

Top middle:
Divine Love Talisman (Venus In Pisces) Goldhttps://goo.gl/vE8CAJ

Top right:
Monad Ring Silverhttps://goo.gl/3uhI0e

Bottom left:
Flower of Life Goldhttps://goo.gl/Gbp2U2

Bottom Right:
Gordian Knot Medium Silverhttps://goo.gl/60dgoc

And here are some lovely words that touch the heart:
“I have awakened after a deep deep suffering.
When the storm has passed,
I found my consciousness behind my emotions.
It was like a quiet lake lying there at the bottom of my heart.

I tried to make the shape of it with both of my hands.
It expands and shrinks like a living creature with no form.

I wanted to have a gentle reminder of this stillness.
Then I found this necklace! The shape of my consciousness!!

It’s classily visible. Very lightweight so I forget I’m wearing it (in a very good way)!
Thank you, David and Yaron for creating and taking care of my beautiful necklace.

Take good care.

Pictures by Customers_030317