Horn of Venus

Horn of Venus New Edition
Silver Versionhttps://goo.gl/WKrBiM
Gold Versionhttps://goo.gl/qc2r6h

Assembled on the 21st of June 2017 between 2:30-3:05 GMT+3 under the auspicious conjunction of Venus and the Moon in Taurus. This is a Very bright and powerful conjunction, as the both become visible while rising in the east before the Sun. The conjunctions with the Moon directs the Venusian flux to earth very strongly, while both are powerfully placed, as Taurus is the natural abode of venus and the Moon’s exaltation sign. This conjunction is Also in the Decan of the Moon and conjunct the Fortunate fixed star Almaak (14˚27 Taurus) which gives Success in Venusian occupations, artistic ability, popularity and is said by ptolemy to carry the character of Venus.

In this talisman, the earthly power (Taurus) of Venus is greatly emphasised, it gives all of what Venus naturally signifies (love, beauty, attraction) with a tremendous support for gaining
resources and abundance. It amplifies pleasure, artistic ability, and stress reducing tranquility.

The design of the Talisman comes from the famous 16th century Magus John Dee, who was a Philosopher, Astrologer, Alchemist and an adviser to Queen Elizabeth I.

In a Magical text entitled “The Little Book of Black Venus” Dee gives this complicated design for a Venus Talisman, with many sigils of her spiritual hierarchy. He then gives a very long and elaborate ritualistic protocol for the creation of this Talisman, while also using a real bull’s horn. In our creation, I will create a silver or gold horn shaped Talisman following the ancient traditional methods and consecrate this Talisman under the Venusian election stated above.

The Horn is, of course, the famous “horn of plenty” which is the symbol of good fortune and abundance. It’s a horn of a bull which is one of the sacred animals ruled by Venus (as is the sign Taurus). The sigils are of the different spirits and intelligence (or spiritual powers) connected with Venus cosmic archetype. This Talisman is said to guide one to the ”Treasure”, bring abundance, success, power of attraction and charisma. It is also to improve artistic talent and other beneficial Venusian Virtues.

Silver Versionhttps://goo.gl/WKrBiM
Gold Versionhttps://goo.gl/qc2r6h

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