Ficino Talisman

Ficino (Image of the Cosmos) Talisman
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This Talisman was inspired by the famous renaissance Philosopher and Astrologer Marsilio Ficino. In his revolutionary work (for his times) “De Vita” (the Book of Life) published in 1489 where Ficino synthesises Medicine, Astrology and Magic, In the chapters dealing with the subject of magical Talismans he suggests a Talisman for the cosmos:
“How to Construct a Figure of the Universe.”
“But why, then, should we neglect a universal image, an image of the very universe itself? Through it, they seem to hope for a benefit from the universe. The adherent of these things, if he can do it, should sculpt an archetypal form of the whole world, if he pleases, in bronze, he should imprint this subsequently at the right time in a thin gilded plate of silver.”

“But when exactly should he imprint it? When the Sun has reached the first minute of Aries. For astrologers customarily tell the fortune of the world – at least, what is going to happen in that year – from this moment, since it is the return of it’s birthday.”

The Talisman was assembled on March 20th 2016 between 11:47 -12:10 GMT+3 while the Sun was in 0 degrees Aries with cancer at the horizon

I am following Ficino’s instructions and will assemble and consecrate this Talisman when the Sun will enter the first minute of Aries, As ficino explains this is considered the birthday of the world, the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun in 0 aries is not only an invocation of images of birth and beginning, it is also entering the sign of its exaltation, where it is extremely strong (essentially dignified) therefore this is also a solar Talisman, which has ingrained in it the image of the whole cosmos as it is inherent in the Sun itself; the powerful Architect and life generating force of our solar system It is, in a sense, a Talisman that encapsulates the universal image of birth and life, and it helps us tune our-self to the generating forces of life as a whole.

A limited edition will be assembled at the exact ingress of the Sun in the sign of Aries.
The Talisman is set with traditional stones ruled by the different planets:
Moon – Moonstone
Mercury – Emerald
Venus – Peridot
Sun – Pink Tourmaline
Mars – Amethyst
Jupiter – Yellow Topaz
Saturn – Sapphire.

The names of the planets are written in Hebrew, Latin and Arabic.
The outer circle is the Ancient Egyptian glyphs of the zodiac.

View on our website –
Now on Special until July 10th