Flower of Life Review

Flower of Life Review

Flower of Life Reviewhttps://goo.gl/BqA6vE

I am writing to you my review of one of the precious jewelry pieces I purchased in my life. I am attaching a picture of it (as it looks today, after being worn with love every day for the past 4 years).

I have purchased a Silver Flower of Life Pendant in November of 2013. It will be 4 years that I have worn this piece day and night. I literally have taken it of maybe 3 times.

This piece helped my (complete!) healing from Lyme disease and got me through 2 pregnancies in perfect health! I truly believe that Flower of Life is the best health balancing symbol. The energy and craftsmanship with which you made this amazing piece is felt to this day.
I am so grateful for your passionate work. Please do not cease to create such magnificent pieces of work that impact thousands of people.

Many, many Blessings to you and your amazing business!

Nelly S.

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