Origin of the Flower of Life

The Mysterious Origin of the Flower of Life
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Many of you are familiar with the structure of “The Flower of Life” – the sacred blueprint of creation, which can be found in many ancient sacred structures and monument all around the world. One of these ancient monuments where you can find the Flower of Life structure is the Ancient Egyptian Temple in Abydos. Many want to believe that this structure has an extraterrestrial origin and that the structure was etched into the pillars of the temple with alien technology, however, the structure itself was painted with red ochre which as a result of the oxidation process that took place over centuries became part of the stone itself.

Many people don’t know that near these ancient drawings of the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life there are ancient Greek Letters and here’s the fascinating connection – The Flower of Life contains a key structure known as the Fruit of Life from which one can derive all the platonic Solids. These five structure which are a key point to the structure of the universe were studied by the ancient Greek philosophers, especially Pythagoras and his followers the secret society of the Pythagoreans who considered these structure to be sacred and secretive.

So my personal theory is that the Flower of Life in the Abydos temple was made by none other than the Pythagoreans. This is an ode to the human ability and spirit which was able to grasp the secrets of the universe and sense the realms of the unseen reality in without using a photoelectric microscope…

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