The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring

The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring – part of our “Jewelry for Love” collection now with 14% discount.

The “Diligo ergo sum” ring is my take on the famous quote from the well – known philosopher, Descartes, who declared “I THINK THEREFORE I AM”. Descartes was trying to logically prove his existence. The popular phrase is also well known in its Latin rendition – “Cogito ergo sum”.

In this ring the phrase was modified from a mere logical claim to a statement that sums up the essence of the entire creation – “I LOVE THEREFORE I AM” or in Latin – “Diligo ergo sum”.

Human thinking with its limitations cannot grasp the entire universe and its essence. However, the search for love and compassion characterizes the human experience. Descartes searched for a logical path, one that can be found in a cold, static unchanging universe. However, creation itself is pure consciousness seeking ways to learn, understand and experience itself. Since we are this same universe rising to awareness, the higher goal of our human journey is to experience love.

This ring is created as a reminder to for the wearer of the huge importance of cultivating unconditional love in one’s life. Not just romantic love but way beyond that. A powerful tool on the journey to enlightenment and endless happiness. – part of our “Jewelry for Love” collection now with 14% discount.