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Mother’s Day Collection

David’s Mother’s Day collection is now on special. Here are some designs included: Flower of life pendant and rings, Seed of life, Hunab Ku, Mayan world tree, Divine Love Talisman, Genesa Crystal, Lioness, Motherhood Famulet, Shechina Famulet, Merkaba designs and more…

Great Testimonials

Thank you Delahrose! In the picture: Metatron’s Cube Silver & Gold – Pentalpha (Venus) Ring Silver and Gold – Abundance Ring Silver –

Ficino Talisman

Ficino (Image of the Cosmos) Talisman View on our website – Now on Special until March 5th New Edition was assembled on March the 21st between 5:45 – 6:15 GMT+3 while the Sun was in 0 degrees with Aries. This Talisman was inspired by the famous Renaissance Philosopher and Astrologer Marsilio Ficino. I am… (read more)

New Equinox Talismans Ring

New Equinox Talismans Ring Visit – Limited edition, assembled on March the 21st between 5:45 – 6:15 GMT+3 This year we have a very powerful equinox energy, as the Sun’s entry to the first degree of Aries is accompanied by many other powerful planetary placements. Not only is the Sun Exalted in Aries but… (read more)


JUPITER VENUS TALISMAN – New Edition ———————————————————- Buy it here – (now 15% off) ———————————————————- Assembled on the 1st of March 2018 between 12:00-12:55 GMT+3 Capturing the harmony, beauty, and elegance, of this unique and emotionally colorful Venus and Jupiter trine. As Venus gradually moves through the sign of Pisces (the sign of her… (read more)

The Lunar Ring Talisman

The Lunar Ring Talisman Lunar ring Talisman – Or visit Our special page – New Limited Edition Moon Talismans Assembled on the 21st of February 2018 between 15:28-16:30 GMT+3 while the moon is in midheaven exalted in Taurus. This Talisman election connects heavenly love (Venus Neptune in Pisces) with earthly love (Moon in… (read more)

New Venus and Lunar Talismans Editions

New Venus and Lunar Talismans Editions Rare and Powerful Exalted Venus in Pisces and Moon in Taurus —————————————————————————- Learn more and order at – —————————————————————————- The new astrological election for Exalted Venus and Lunar Talismans, features an exact conjunction of Venus with Neptune in the sign Pisces, harmoniously aspecting the exalted Moon in Taurus…. (read more)

The Dragon Pendant

The Dragon Pendant – Ancient Alchemy Symbol —————————————————————– Sterling Silver – 14K Gold – 15% off until February 26th —————————————————————– The Dragon pendant is a variation on the Gordian knot, it depicts an ouroboros dragon biting his own tail. The ouroboros dragon is an ancient alchemy symbol that symbolizes the equality of the… (read more)

Emerald Tablet Bracelet

Emerald Tablet Bracelet ———————————————————————- View Silver version – View Gold Version – 15% off until February 26th ———————————————————————- “This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light.” Emerald Tablet of Thoth The Emerald tablet bracelet contains the symbols of the ibis bird and the feather of Ma’at. The Ibis bird… (read more)