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An Astrology Story

An unbelievable Horary Astrology Story A recent story that occurred to our Astrologer Michael Ofek. New Tenth Mansion Talisman Aredafir – Or Check out our Astrology Talismans – Faith and belief are in many times a matter of perspective. Over the years I’ve received endless testimonials and stories about events that took place… (read more)

New Tenth Mansion Talisman

New! Tenth Mansion Talisman – Aredafir Visit – Consecrated on the 26th of June 2017 between 07:50-08:10 GMT+3. Specific for healing and protection. This Mansion is considered one of the most healing of the Moon Mansions for every kind of ailment, it helps in protecting, maintaining and restoring bodily, as well as psychic, health,… (read more)

Ficino Talisman

Ficino (Image of the Cosmos) Talisman View on our website – Now on Special until July 10th This Talisman was inspired by the famous renaissance Philosopher and Astrologer Marsilio Ficino. In his revolutionary work (for his times) “De Vita” (the Book of Life) published in 1489 where Ficino synthesises Medicine, Astrology and Magic, In… (read more)

Pictures From Our Customers

We just finished uploading pictures from our customers to our website. Big Thank you for our lovely customers for sharing it with us! In the picture: Left up – Eye of Horus Gold ( Left down – Ahava ring silver ( and Fire element ring silver ( Center up – Flower of Life Silver (… (read more)

Pentalpha (Venus) Ring

Pentalpha (Venus) Ring New Edition Silver and Gold Version – Silver Version – Gold Version – On special until July 3rd. Assembled on the 21st of June 2017 between 2:30-3:05 GMT+3 under the auspicious conjunction of Venus and the Moon in Taurus. This is a Very bright and powerful conjunction, as the… (read more)

New Lunar Phases Talisman

The Lunar Phases Talisman New Edition Lunar Calendar – now 15% off Rare and Genuine Moon Talisman New Limited Edition was assembled on the 16th of June 2017 between 2:30-3:05 GMT+3 with Venus rising in Taurus while the Moon is in Pisces – this is called a ‘mutual reception by exaltation’ which means they… (read more)

New Mercury Practical Wisdom Talisman

New Mercury Practical Wisdom Talisman View on our website – Assembled on the 25th of May 2017 under a unique timing when the Moon was exactly conjunct Mercury, while they were rising on the eastern horizon. A Powerful Talisman invoking strong mental powers, practical thinking, retention of memory and technical skills. It empowers not… (read more)

Sirius Talisman New Edition

Sirius Talisman New Edition Limited Edition! Assembled on the 28th of May 2017 between 11:05- 11:28 +3GMT Silver Version – Gold Version – We are very happy to be able to offer the most acclaimed of our fixed stars Talismans. This time we made it under an auspices conjunction with the Moon, which… (read more)