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Eco Jewelry Project

Just made another Donation as part of our eco jewelry project Planting Trees Changes Lives. Your donation enables Trees for the Future to equip people with seeds, tools and the knowledge they need to plant their way out of extreme poverty. $10 Provides essential tree seeds for one family, including fruit, timber and fast growing… (read more)

Nautilus Shell Pendant

Nautilus Shell Pendant The pendant is based on the structure of the Nautilus shell. The Nautilus shell is one of the known shapes that represent the golden mean number. The golden mean number is also known as PHI – 1.6180339… The PHI is a number without an arithmetic solution, the digit simply continues for… (read more)

Water Element Pendant

Water Element Pendant (now 16% off) The water element represents flow, emotion, intuition and imagination. The three circles that cross over one another represent the well known second stage of the seed of life – this is the second day of creation, when water was created, the three circles also represent the triple molecule… (read more)

Designing The New Solar and Lunar Rings

A glimpse at the workbench… designing new Solar and Lunar rings. After receiving endless requests for talismanic wedding and relationship rings, I’ve decided to come up with a unique concept for such rings with our astrologer Michael Ofek. These rings are intended to strengthen the bond of love and compassion, helping couples unite and act… (read more)