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New Testimonials

See our new testimonials – Every several months I get the pleasure of doing my favorite work of all – adding testimonials from our customers to the website! This is pure joy for me. Both David and I are so truly grateful for having such lovely customers and hope that we manage to touch… (read more)

Great Testimonials

Thank you Delahrose! In the picture: Metatron’s Cube Silver & Gold – Pentalpha (Venus) Ring Silver and Gold – Abundance Ring Silver –

Great Testimonials

Thank you, Maximus for the pictures. Left hand: Jupiter Spica Ring – Mercury Practical Wisdom – Right hand: Jupiter Venus Ring – 7 Metals Astrology – (The other two are not David’s design)

Flower of Life Review

Flower of Life Review – I am writing to you my review of one of the precious jewelry pieces I purchased in my life. I am attaching a picture of it (as it looks today, after being worn with love every day for the past 4 years). I have purchased a Silver Flower of… (read more)

An Astrology Story

An unbelievable Horary Astrology Story A recent story that occurred to our Astrologer Michael Ofek. New Tenth Mansion Talisman Aredafir – Or Check out our Astrology Talismans – Faith and belief are in many times a matter of perspective. Over the years I’ve received endless testimonials and stories about events that took place… (read more)

Pictures From Our Customers

We just finished uploading pictures from our customers to our website. Big Thank you for our lovely customers for sharing it with us! In the picture: Left up – Eye of Horus Gold ( Left down – Ahava ring silver ( and Fire element ring silver ( Center up – Flower of Life Silver (… (read more)

Merkaba Jewelry

Merkaba Jewelry Part of our Mother’s day special – In the image below you can see the Inlaid Merkaba – a unique design created to enhance the Merkaba properties with a gemstone of your choice. The image at the bottom right was sent to us by Agata who wrote to us this lovely words:… (read more)

Amanda Lamprecht Video Clip

A Video Clip of the Seattle-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist –Amanda Lamprecht wearing the beautiful Galactic Harmony Pendant. Best view at 02:24 into the video. View the item at our website – AMANDALA – Nothing (Official Music Video) Facebook – Music co-written by AMANDALA and Jonathan Plum…

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A cool collection of beautiful pictures taken by our customers. Top left image: Victory Ring Silver – Golden Mean Spiral Ring Silver – Top middle: Divine Love Talisman (Venus In Pisces) Gold – Top right: Monad Ring Silver – Bottom left: Flower of Life Gold – Bottom Right: Gordian Knot… (read more)