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The Dragon Pendant

The Dragon Pendant – Ancient Alchemy Symbol —————————————————————– Sterling Silver – 14K Gold – 15% off until February 26th —————————————————————– The Dragon pendant is a variation on the Gordian knot, it depicts an ouroboros dragon biting his own tail. The ouroboros dragon is an ancient alchemy symbol that symbolizes the equality of the… (read more)

Emerald Tablet Bracelet

Emerald Tablet Bracelet ———————————————————————- View Silver version – View Gold Version – 15% off until February 26th ———————————————————————- “This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light.” Emerald Tablet of Thoth The Emerald tablet bracelet contains the symbols of the ibis bird and the feather of Ma’at. The Ibis bird… (read more)

Ring of Love

Ring of Love – Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself Silver – 14K Gold – Or visit Jewelry for Love Special – The Hebrew Sentence on the Ring of Love says “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. This sentence is famous because of Rabbi Akiva who lived in the Land… (read more)

Venus Pentalpha (Pythagorean) Ring

Venus Pentalpha (Pythagorean) Ring ————————————————————— MORE DETAILS AT – ————————————————————— On special until February 14th The ring was documented in the ancient writings: “The disciples of Pythagoras, who were indeed its real inventors, placed within each of its interior angles one of the letters of the Greek word ΥΓΕΙΑ, or the Latin one SALUS,… (read more)

Divine Love Talisman

Divine Love Talisman, Venus In Pisces (*Limited Edition*) —————————————————— View on site – —————————————————— Part of our Jewelry for Love Special Powerful archetype of Unconditional love and beauty The talisman will help to attract those higher ‘exalted’ qualities of love, and partnership, but also higher intuition and sensitivity to beauty, and creative inspiration. It… (read more)

The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring

The Diligo Ergo Sum Ring – part of our “Jewelry for Love” collection now with 14% discount. The “Diligo ergo sum” ring is my take on the famous quote from the well – known philosopher, Descartes, who declared “I THINK THEREFORE I AM”. Descartes was trying to logically prove his existence. The popular phrase… (read more)

Jewelry for LOVE Special

Visit Our Jewelry for LOVE Special In the picture: Pattern of Venus – Flower of Life – Diligo Ergo Sum – Entangled – I love therefore I am –


The ENTANGLED Pendant Part of our Jewelry for LOVE – 14% off until February 14th The entangled pendant is designed by Judy Hilton and Pat Crelly and created by the artist David Weitzman. The following text was written by Pat Crelly to describe the pendant: The Entangled symbol was born out of a deep… (read more)

New Jupiter Mars Talisman

New Jupiter Mars Talisman View on our site – Limited edition was assembled on January 6th 7:00-7:50 GMT+3 The figure on the Talisman is the Babylonian Scorpio-man which is considered a guardian and protective being (In Babylonian myth he is protecting the Sun god Shamash). This figure is also called Pabilsag in Akkadian and… (read more)

Vesica Pisces The structure of this Jewelry is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness which is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation. This simple structure consists of two intersecting circles, by which one can extract all of the geometrical… (read more)