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THE BIRTH OF A TALISMAN Feel free to share it. Related items – ———————————————————————- I’m super excited to announce the new, must watch, video – “The Birth of a Talisman”. This video is a collaborative effort with the astrologer Michael Ofek, myself and the most talented video artist Amit Schwachter from “Make it Awesome”… (read more)

Personalized Trinity Talisman

Personalized Trinity Talisman —————————————————————— Silver – Silver and Gold – —————————————————————– Hours and hours of work in one minute. This custom Trinity Talisman was made according to the customer’s birth chart. It strengthens the “weak” points in the original chart.

Famulet – The Feminine Amulets Series

Famulet – The Feminine Amulets Series —————————————————————————————— Part of our Mother’s Day collection – —————————————————————————————— This series celebrates Motherhood and feminine power. It was designed in collaboration with Nona-Lila Megged, Iris Yotvat, and David Weitzman. The Famulets represent original symbols inspired by ancient Goddess cultures contributing to your empowerment, creativity, balance, and oneness. Motherhood… (read more)

2017 Summary

2017 Summary View 2017 New Designs – (15% off until January 3rd) The year 2017 has brought with it some great new designs. Here is a list of what we had: * Copper Snake Talisman * Neptune in Pisces Talisman * Tree of Life Sefirot * Inlaid Tree of Life * Tenth Mansion Talisman… (read more)

Amanda Lamprecht Video Clip

A Video Clip of the Seattle-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist –Amanda Lamprecht wearing the beautiful Galactic Harmony Pendant. Best view at 02:24 into the video. View the item at our website – AMANDALA – Nothing (Official Music Video) Facebook – Music co-written by AMANDALA and Jonathan Plum…

New Designs on our Website

View New designs on our website – 16% off until january 3rd 2017 The year 2016 has brought with it some great new designs. Here is a list of what we had: New Flower of Life Collection The Divine Commandment Mars in Scorpio Pentalpha Ring Solar Power Talisman Metatron’s Cube Over Soul Ring Venus… (read more)

The making of The Lunar Phase Talisman (New Edition)

The Lunar Phase Talisman New Edition A New Limited Edition was Assembled on the 2nd of February 2016 between 12:50 -13:46 GMT+3. The Moon was exalted at Cancer – it’s own sign and in a Trine with Neptune at the 9th house which will bring out it’s most beneficial, and protective aspects.  

The Little Sister Guitar

The Little Sister Guitar Designed and By David Weitzman, Manufactured by B&G Guitars Please Share… The story of the Little Sister Guitar began in March 2011, while I was listening once again to the only existing recordings of Robert Johnson. While listening, I was gazing at the old photo of Johnson holding a Gibson… (read more)

Can’t Wait for Tomorrow

Wanted to share with you a project of a dear friend, his name is Yaron Amitai, a talented musician, songwriter, and singer. These are 7:11 minutes of a journey back to the classic rock of the 70’s. I attended the majority of the recording sessions (attached a nother link with some footage taken by me..)… (read more)