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Tibetan Knot

Tibetan Knot (Endless Knot) Now on Special at – The Tibetan knot (Srivatsa or the endless knot) is one of the eight symbols of the Tibetan Buddhism. The Tibetan knot can stand for karmic consequences: pull here, something happens over there. It is an apt symbol for the Vajrayana methods: Often when we tug… (read more)

The Flower of Life

The Flower of Life Part of our Mother’s day special – The “Flower of Life” can be found in all major religions of the world. In Egypt, the source of all the monotheistic religions, the “Flower of Life” can be found in the ancient Temple of Abydos. In Israel it can be found in… (read more)

Egyptian Amulets for Protection

Egyptian Amulets for Protection Part of our Mother’s day special – On the right of the picture you can view ancient archeological findings from various museums around the world. When my spouse gave birth to our second daughter, an elderly woman who visited at the hospital guided the patient next to my wife how… (read more)

The Mayan World Tree

The Mayan World Tree Part of our Mother’s day special – The World Tree, is a very widespread motif in the pre-Columbian Americas. It appears often in Creation myths, in the ancient cosmology and as an important iconographic element in the artwork of varied cultures across America. The use of the tree as a… (read more)

Sun Talisman New Edition

Sun Talisman New Edition Silver and Gold Solid Gold – Special 15% Discount until April 18th Assembled on April 6th 2017 between 6:00-6:35 GMT+3 at the rising time of the Sun in Aries, while it is in an exact trine with the Moon in Leo, the natural sign of the Sun This election… (read more)

The Dragon Pendant

The Dragon Pendant Part of our current special – The Dragon pendant is a variation on the Gordian knot, it depicts an ouroboros dragon biting his own tail. The ouroboros dragon is an ancient alchemy symbol that symbolizes the equality of the internal and external in the alchemist’s soul. The Gordian knot can be… (read more)

The Copper Snake Talisman

The Copper Snake Talisman The symbolism of the Copper Snake Talisman was derived from the ancient biblical story from the Book of Numbers. The story is about a copper serpent on a pole which was erected by Moses in order to protect and heal the Israelites from the deadly fiery serpents in the desert…. (read more)

The Ana Bekoach Prayer

The Ana Bekoach – 15% off until March 22nd The Ana Bekoach prayer was written in the first century by a great Kabbalistic – Rabbi Nehonia. The prayer was written according to the seventy names of God – a term related to Abraham. The Ana Bekoach is composed of seven lines, with six words… (read more)