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Personalized Sigil Talisman

A personalized sigil talisman was found a few months back in a spa in Santa Fe NM, USA. This Talisman is personalized according to one’s birth time and place. We are trying to locate the owner. If you are the one who lost your Sigil Talisman please contact us.

Neptune in Pisces Talisman

Neptune in Pisces Talisman Visit – The last time we made a Talisman for Neptune was in 2012, when he made his ingress into Pisces. Since then his energy is only gaining momentum and is reflected in many aspects of our lives, and our evolving spiritual sensitivity. At last, we are happy to announce… (read more)

Mars Talisman

Mars Talisman – Last Day for 15% off Mars in Scorpio has a powerful ability to stay engaged and build an intense emotional fire that can get anything done. This is a Very sexual and magnetically attractive energy, which can summon very deep and intensely fulfilling interactions and experiences. This energy also radiates a… (read more)

30 Spiritual Gifts

30 Spiritual Gifts for People in Need This is one of our most loved projects. We started this three years ago and continue to find great joy in it. We know it is not like saving the world or like solving the global warming or the refugee crisis but it is about spreading good… (read more)

Sacred Geometry Art

I have found a very nice website about Sacred Geometry Art. The website displays artists like Anna Kumashov, Ellen Vaman, Jetter Green, Paola Gonzalez and many more.   Enjoy. David

Israel is under attack!!

Dear friends and associates from around the world. I met each one of you in different circumstances – either business or pleasure. I sit here in Israel and face how a country uses it’s right to defend itself and it’s people. I am truly sad facing the news from outside of Israel showing people from… (read more)

To all my fellow friends in the U.S

To all my fellow friends in the U.S -I’ll never forget the moment Iv’e heard the news. I was walking down the street in Tel-Aviv while suddenly the mobile phone rang. “Watch the news”-I stopped at a friend’s restuarant and watched the images on the small T.V that was hanging on the wall. I have… (read more)

Inspired Jewelry

When needing inspiration in life, it can come from all sorts of places or things that mean something special to us. Sometimes it can simply be evocative words, a haunting song or a treasured piece of jewelry that reaches down and touches our very being. Living today is stressful and so often having some kind… (read more)

A Sketch for a Friend

Here’s a sketch of a piece iv’e made for my friend Noam Rapaport who is a great friend and an excellent musician.Noam and I are huge fans of 70’s prog rock so in the diagram the N and R initials were taken fron King Crimson’s Lizard.Inside the capital N ther’s the Yes logo and on… (read more)