Graduation Jewelry special

Graduation Jewelry special

#Graduation season is upon us. For the celebrating graduates, this is a new beginning that may be coupled with hopes and joy but also with fears and self-doubt. They are facing a challenging period in which they should ask themselves what do they really want and start making their first baby steps in that direction.

So what are the qualities one needs when he/she embark on this new journey?
Probably courage, wisdom, willpower, focus, humility, patience, and willingness to continue to learn all the time. We have created a collection of meaningful jewelry to help you enhance those qualities and find your true path.

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Great Testimonials

Thank you, Melanie Beckler, from Melanie is wearing the Merkaba Prana Silver pendant

Melanie wrote: “After almost exclusively wearing crystal jewelry for the past 8 years I’ve been changing it up recently with this beautiful Merkaba pendant from Ka Gold Jewelry @davidweitzman”

Melanie is an angel channel, light being, and volunteer soul here to serve in elevating the vibration of the collective consciousness on Earth.

Horn of Venus New Limited Edition

Horn of Venus New Limited Edition
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Based on the famous HORN OF PLENTY, a symbol of good fortune, Love and abundance.
Assembled at 13th of April 2018 between 06:38-07:35 GMT+3

The time elected for the creation of this talisman has Venus rising in the east In her sign of Taurus, on her planetary day and hour, while harmoniously aspected (sextile) by the Moon in Pisces from the very beneficial 11th house. Venus is also harmoniously aspecting (trine) the powerful exalted Mars in Capricorn, ruler of the 7 house of partnership – rendering this talisman as even more powerful in love, sexuality, and attraction. Venus and the Moon are in mutual reception! By exaltation (Moon exalted in Taurus and Venus in Pisces).

This is a Talisman for all the Venusian gifts in Taurus, the gift of plenty and abundance, the gift of sensuality and attraction, the gifts of beauty and pleasure, artistic ability and a general feeling of well being.

The design of the Talisman comes from the famous 16th century Magus John Dee, who was a Philosopher, Astrologer, Alchemist and an adviser to Queen Elizabeth I.

In a Magical text entitled “The Little Book of Black Venus” Dee gives this complicated design for a Venus Talisman, with many sigils of her spiritual hierarchy. He then provides a very long and elaborate ritualistic protocol for the creation of this Talisman, while also using a real bull’s horn. In this design, I am creating a silver or gold horn-shaped Talisman and following the ancient traditional methods and consecrate this Talisman under the Venusian election stated above.

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Mother’s Day special

Few last days for our Mother’s Day special
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In the picture below:
Left: Mayan World Tree
Right top: Divine Love Talisman
Right middle: Genesa Crystal
Right bottom: Flower of Life

Enjoy 🙂

New Rare Mars Saturn Talisman

New Rare Mars Saturn TalismanOnce in 30 years
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This unique Mars Saturn Talisman is a special limited edition of a very powerful celestial event, which occurs around once in every 30 years. The event is the conjunction of Mars and Saturn In Capricorn. The reason this conjunction In Capricorn is so special is that this sign renders Saturn and Mars highly ‘dignified’, as Saturn rules Capricorn and Mars is Exalted there. Therefore it is the only sign which enhances both of them together and maximizes the powerful positive potential of their combined forces.

The Mars Saturn Talisman – The Power of Determination
Contains pure gold that was consecrated during the unique and narrow astrological time frame – April 3rd, 2018 between 05:55-06:50 GMT+3 during the rare conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn while the Sun exalted in Aries!!

Exalted Mars has focused energy applied concretely, It is the active power of building, shaping and making things in the world. Mars in Capricorn has the potential to make you climb to the highest peaks and achieve your heart’s desire. To persistently stays on track, always moving ahead until your goals are met.

With Saturn in Capricorn, Mars is ‘received’ by the lord of the sign, which further enhances its ability to focus his energy and take clear and decisive action with stamina and determination.
By itself, Saturn in Capricorn is a powerful grounding force, giving one the needed virtues of patience and perseverance, coupled with the active power of Mars he is unbeatable in his willpower, even the strongest of steel will yield to his will.

Additionally, this Talisman was made when the Sun was also in its exaltation in Aries (which is a Mars rules sign) and rising in the east, while The conjunction of Mars and Saturn was culminating on the Midheaven. That is why the pure gold was consecrated at this specific time.

This Talisman is a storehouse of active power and grounded determination.
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Famulet – The Feminine Amulets Series

Famulet – The Feminine Amulets Series
Part of our Mother’s Day collection
This series celebrates Motherhood and feminine power. It was designed in collaboration with Nona-Lila Megged, Iris Yotvat, and David Weitzman.

The Famulets represent original symbols inspired by ancient Goddess cultures contributing to your empowerment, creativity, balance, and oneness.

Motherhood Famulet
The soft and ample femininity carries within her the sacred flower of new life, and her abundant breasts promise nurturance and protection always. The Universal Mother blesses the new mother with love, containment, and full acceptance.
Blessing for women who wish to get pregnant, who are giving birth and for new mothers.

Shechina Famulet
The female figurine raises her hands to hold the intertwined Magen David. The hands of the Shechina, the feminine face of God, are merged with the symbol expressing the balance between male and female in Judaism and other cultures.
The jewel is intended to connect you with the Shechina spirit of generosity.

Women Empowerment Famulet
The ancient symbol of the triple spiral is found in many Goddess sites around the globe. The Spiral symbolizes the three faces of the Goddess: child, woman, crone, and the eternal cycle of Birth, life, death, and rebirth. The triple spiral expands in empowerment circles for the benefit of the woman and humanity. The hands of the female figurine rest upon and beneath her breasts as the infinite symbol of harmonious giving.
The jewel is intended to help you Reclaim your Feminine Power.