The Seed of Life

The Seed of Life
Part of our Mother’s day special

The Seed of Life is a symbol for the seven days of creation.
The first step was the creation of the Octahedron. The next step was to spin the shape on its axes. In this way a sphere is formed. The next thing the creator’s consciousness did was to go to the outside surface of the sphere, (the old testament refers to “the spirit of the Creator floating upon the face of the waters”) and creating another using the same process of creating an octahedron and turning it into a sphere. By creating the second sphere the Almighty actually created light. In projecting another converted octahedron into a sphere on the surface of the first sphere, you will get the image of two circles crossing each other in their centers, a shape known as Vesica Pisces. This pattern is a geometrical formula which represents the electromagnetic spectrum of light and the first thing that God created was light – “Let there be light”.

In continuing to duplicate the spheres and creating further Vesica Pisces you will see many aspects of creation driven out of the geometrical structures, emerging out from the vortex motion by this continuous creation of more Vesica Pisces.

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Merkaba Jewelry

Merkaba Jewelry
Part of our Mother’s day special

In the image below you can see the Inlaid Merkaba – a unique design created to enhance the Merkaba properties with a gemstone of your choice. The image at the bottom right was sent to us by Agata who wrote to us this lovely words:

“Hello! Thank you for beautiful jewelry: Christ Consciousness and Merkaba with peridot. It was a present for my husband’s 40th birthday. On the day of my husband’s birthday I called the customs and I was even at the post office with a tracking number of the package – I was informed that unfortunately the package is not coming today. I was so disappointed, as it was the birthday day and I didn’t have any other present for my husband. But in the evening my he checked our post box and the package was waiting there! I was very happy and he was really touched by the beauty and intense energy of your jewelry. Thank you very much! In the attachment to this email there is a nice photo that you can use together with this story, if you want 🙂 Love,”

Inlaid Merkaba Silver
Inlaid Merkaba Gold

Egyptian Amulets for Protection

Egyptian Amulets for Protection
Part of our Mother’s day special
On the right of the picture you can view ancient archeological findings from various museums around the world.

When my spouse gave birth to our second daughter, an elderly woman who visited at the hospital guided the patient next to my wife how to protect the baby against evil eye: “you need to put a knife beneath the pillow at night”… So, when several clients asked me to consider making another amulet for protection, I decided to delve into the world of ancient Egyptian amulets.

The Knife Talisman for Protection (Left top)
In ancient Egypt, the knife was a symbol of protection and strength. The preferred ritual knife was the ancient flint knife – des. Knives appear frequently in representations of the Egyptian otherworld. They are used in slaying the enemies of the deceased and smoothing the passage through the land of the dead. Several protective deities, such as Bes and Taweret were often shown armed with knives. Guardians of the gates of the underworld were also shown bearing knives.

The knife was also a part of lunar symbology. The crescent moon was imagined to be a knife wielded by the God of the Moon, Thoth . Thoth was said to destroy evildoers with the crescent moon as his weapon. Harmful beings and malevolent creatures such as scorpions and snakes were often depicted cut with knives to render them powerless.

This knife talisman bears the protective images of the “Sa” symbol,the Ibis bird which is the symbol of Thoth ,another fearsome winged creature and the head of a lioness.

Egyptian Talismans for Childbirth (Bottom Left)
This talisman bears different protective images and the image of Taweret.
Deity of motherhood and protector of women and children, goddess of maternity and childbirth. Taweret was seen as one who protected against evil by restraining it. She was usually depicted as a combination of a crocodile with the arms and legs of a lion; her breasts are those of a human female, and her protruding belly is that of a pregnant woman. She often holds the hieroglyphic symbol ‘sa’ in front of her- for “protection,”. Occasionally, she carried an ankh, the symbol of life, or a knife, which was be used to threaten evil spirits. The magic knives, also known as apotropaic (that is, acting to ward of evil) wands, were one of the devices used.

Knife Talisman for Protection Silver Version
Knife Talisman for Protection Gold Version

Talismans for Childbirth Silver Version
Talismans for Childbirth Gold Version

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The Mayan World Tree

The Mayan World Tree
Part of our Mother’s day special

The World Tree, is a very widespread motif in the pre-Columbian Americas. It appears often in Creation myths, in the ancient cosmology and as an important iconographic element in the artwork of varied cultures across America. The use of the tree as a cosmic symbol exists on a wide and diverse scale in cultures from the Viking World Tree (Yggdrasill) – as well as in the Jewish Tree of Sephirot. The Mayan World Tree represents the four directions of the world, where the tree itself is the center -The Mondi axis is the point where earth and sky meet with the perpendicular and horizontal axis of the world.

The symbol originates from the world view that aspires towards logical order in the chaotic Universe. This understanding creates an ordered microcosmos where there is a defined center. From the center, we can turn to each of the cardinal directions in search of knowledge, wisdom and new discoveries. However , outside of this world, there is chaos, night and death.

The image of the tree represents the symbolic axis that unites the three plains: The sky (branches), the earth (the trunk) and the lower world (the roots). Every object that is hanging on the tree represents the tension between the lower world and the upper world and in this way turns into a very strong symbol of the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. Often, in Mayan art, there are images of birds sitting on the tree representing an ancient father, while the tree’s roots are in the water- a symbol of the underworld. In the Mayan culture, the world tree is represented by the Ceiba tree. This is a tree with a thorny trunk that resembles the skin of an alligator. In fact, the trunk of the tree is described as an alligator standing erect.

Silver Version
Gold Version
Silver and Gold Version

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Amanda Lamprecht Video Clip

A Video Clip of the Seattle-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist –Amanda Lamprecht wearing the beautiful Galactic Harmony Pendant. Best view at 02:24 into the video. View the item at our website –

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AMANDALA – Nothing (Official Music Video) Facebook – Music co-written by AMANDALA and Jonathan Plum…

Sun Talisman New Edition

Sun Talisman New Edition
Silver and Gold
Solid Gold
Special 15% Discount until April 18th

Assembled on April 6th 2017 between 6:00-6:35 GMT+3 at the rising time of the Sun in Aries, while it is in an exact trine with the Moon in Leo, the natural sign of the Sun

This election time will incorporate the rising time of the Sun in Aries and in its own decan, while it is in an exact trine (harmonious relationship) with the Moon in Leo, the natural sign of the Sun. This powerful fire trine, with the Sun receiving the Moon into its sign, is also situated in the the 1 and 5 houses of the Talisman chart, further intensifying the activities and expression of this vital and creative energy.

The Sun talisman brings the fire and light into your life. It is a symbol of optimism, creativity and success. The Sun talisman sharpens the mind and strengthens your life force.

The Talisman is embedded with the glyph of the Sun in Gold (The Sun metal). In the center of the talisman there is the ancient magic seal of the sun and on the outer ring of the pendant engraved the magical ‘alphabet’. The magical seals of the planets, are found in many ancient magical texts, about astral magic. the seals are said to invoke the planets powers. depending on the use the are used in conjunction with other symbols that are termed the “spirit” of the planet, the “intelligence” and also their magic squares. the origin itself is unknown, but is believed to be from an ancient magical cult/people called Harranian Sabians.

The alphabet, or planetary characters are taken from the “picatrix” a very important magical text that compiles many ancient magical texts. its intention is to communicate with the planetary spirit and drew its energy, but their are many uses some more general, and some more specific.

Silver and Gold
Solid Gold
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Chaldean Astrology Talismans

Chaldean Astrology Talismans New Edition – (now 15% off)

Assembled on April 6th 2017 between 6:00-6:35 GMT+3 at the rising time of the Sun in Aries, while it is in an exact TRINE with the Moon in Leo, the natural sign of the Sun.

The Chaldean order Talismans contains the symbols of the 7 planets arranged in the Chaldean order in the outer circle. The middle part of the ring contains seven metals, iron,electrum (an ancient alloy of gold and silver which replaces the lead) , pure gold, silver, copper, and brass (replaces the metal, mercury) and zinc. The power of the ring is in the combination of the seven metals, in which each are connected and strengthen different qualities of the person in accordance with the planet to which that particular metal is connected.

The Chaldean order connects these qualities according to a flow chart, in such a way that each one will be its right place in relation to the other, and in this way it will express its power to its maximum while maintaining harmony.

This Talismans election time will incorporate the rising time of the Sun in Aries and in its own decan (and very close to its exaltation degree*), while it is in an exact TRINE (harmonious relationship) with the Moon in Leo, the natural sign of the Sun. This powerful fire TRINE, with the Sun receiving the Moon into its sign, is also situated in the the 1 and 5 houses of the Talisman chart, further intensifying the activities and expression of this vital and creative energy. Lastly, the Moon is also conjunct the Lot of fortune, also ruled by the exalted Sun, this is a testimony of tremendous luck, success, benefit and support in any undertaking.

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The Dragon Pendant

The Dragon Pendant
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The Dragon pendant is a variation on the Gordian knot, it depicts an ouroboros dragon biting his own tail. The ouroboros dragon is an ancient alchemy symbol that symbolizes the equality of the internal and external in the alchemist’s soul.

The Gordian knot can be made on a Torus tube which looks like a donut or a sphere that turns in from one side to comes out the other in a perpetual motion. The Torus Tube contains many mathematical formulas and equations. Science has begun using this model as a geometric\mathematical model of the universe. Sacred geometry also makes extensive use of this shape.

The dragon pendant is a symbol of unity; implied by both the aspect of the Gordian knot symbol, as well as the aspect of the ouroboros dragon biting his own tail. off

The Dragon Pendant_290317

The Copper Snake Talisman

The Copper Snake Talisman

The symbolism of the Copper Snake Talisman was derived from the ancient biblical story from the Book of Numbers. The story is about a copper serpent on a pole which was erected by Moses in order to protect and heal the Israelites from the deadly fiery serpents in the desert. The “fiery serpents” were sent by G-D to punish them for speaking against G-d and Moses.

An interesting interpretation claims that since the Israelites were protected by the divine force, their complaints against the journey, and their longing to return to Egypt removed from them the divine spirit and exposed them to the reality of the nomadic life in the desert including all the dangers and difficulties.

The copper snake was called Nehushtan and it is derived from the Hebrew word for snake – Nahash and copper – Nehushet.

The symbol of the snake as a sign of eternity, divinity and healing is ancient and can be traced in the ancient cultures of the Middle East such as the Egyptian culture, the ancient Hindu religion and the ancient Greek religion. Ever since our ancestors saw how a snake sloughs off his skin and is being “born” again, it became a symbol of healing and eternal life. Another interesting reason for the snake being a symbol of healing is a process known as mithridatism which is the practice of an immunity against different types of venom or poison by gradually self-administering non-lethal amounts. This method was used by the ancient king of the Greek region of Pontus, king Mithridates who was so afraid of being poisoned that he gradually ingested small amounts of venom in order to develop immunity.

Copper snakes were used in the ancient regions of the Middle East as powerful talismans and I had the chance to view several copper snakes that were discovered near the ancient copper mines of Timna in a small temple for the Egyptian Goddess Hathor.

The copper snake in the pendant is actually the symbol of the Ouroboros – the serpent biting its own tail. The Ouroboros is the ultimate symbol of renewal, creativity and endless change. The Ouroboros symbol has accompanied me for many years and represents for me the courage to accept life changing decisions.

The Ouroboros often represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly recreating itself, the eternal return, and other processes perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end . It can also represent the idea of unity. The Ouroboros has been important in religious and mythological symbolism, but has also been frequently used in alchemical illustrations, where it symbolizes the circular nature of the alchemist’s opus. On the cosmic level, it is the symbol of the universe itself that creates itself a new from itself, or as Stephen Hawking says – The force of gravity that allows in fact the universe to create itself a new infinitely.

The center of the pendant contains the powerful symbol of Tetraktys . It is a symbol used by the students of the mathematician Pythagoras that said that the whole universe is built on mathematical principles. This philosophy and this symbol appear in Judaism. The structure is made up of a triangle that is made up of ten points in ascending order from the apex. The structure represents the four elements of the ancient world – earth, air, fire and water.

The Tetraktys is parallel to the Kabbalistic tree of life structure of the Ten Sephirot of the and represents the space and the cosmic harmony.

The first point represents the divine dimension of the void from which everything emanates.
The second line represents the first dimension – the line between two points.
The third line represents the second dimension – the three points from which a triangle is created.
The last line represents the tetrahedron, a three dimensional triangle which can be created from the four points of the last line.

If we take the name of G-D from the Torah YHWH that represents time – the fourth dimension (was, is and will be) and we will place it in the Tetraktis, then by summing up the numerical value of the letters, we receive the number 72, which means to say the 72 names of the Creator from which everything was created.

The fonts are the same ancient Hebrew letters that were used during the time of Moses. Outside the triangle appears the ancient prayer of Moses when his sister Miriam is stricken with leprosy. Moses prays a short but effective one line healing prayer: אל נא רפא נא לה, el na, refa na la — “please, God, heal her” the idea of the prayer and the Ouroboros was derived from the time that Moses saw the burning bush, while gazing at the vision he asked God for his name and the answer was “Ehyeh asher Ehyeh”“I will be who I will be”. When we use this short prayer to pray for healing, we implicitly call upon God Who is ever – changing. We call upon the God who is continually becoming, to heal and strengthen ourselves or our loved one who needs transformation and change.

The sentence on the copper snake itself was taken from the Book of numbers and it is the commandment of God for Moses to create the copper serpent ” And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live”

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