Bulgakov Ring

A gold version of the “Bulgakov Ring”


It’s design is inspired by Bulgakov’s novel “Master and Margarita”. The great thing about this book is the two level story, that illustrates how one must face up to the truth of oneself. The repeated theme in the novel is that cowardliness is the worst of all human qualities, and that fear is the cause of all suffering.
Bulgakov Ring

The ring has a triangle with three diamond that represent the three forces in creation. The triangle also represents the Delta which is the first letter in the devil’s name. The triangle appears as well on the cigarette box that the devil uses in the beginning of the book.

The M Represent the master. The ring reminds the wearer that he is the creator of his own reality. The ring is engraved with the Hebrew quote: “Each will live according to his own belief”. Encircling the ring is a Hebrew engraving of a citaton from the book by Faust: “Who are you, then?… I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally performs good”.

Rose Gold Light Pendant

Finished a 14k rose gold light pendant.


rose gold light pendant

This structure is known as the Vesica Pisces or the first day of creation. It is a symbol of the infinite consciousness which is in all of us, learning and experiencing itself through creation.

This simple structure consists of two crossed circles, by which one can extract the geometrical and mathematical laws that represent our reality.

It is an ancient symbol of knowledge, wisdom and love.

The triangular structure with 10 points on the bottom of the pendant is called the tetractys, a symbol used by Pythagoras from which one can extract mathematical laws of music, beauty and harmony.

In the face of a sense of separation, ignorance, greed and hatred, the symbol is a beacon of unity, wisdom, endless giving and love.

Mercury Talisman



Mercury Talisman – May 2013

New Limited edition – Made on the 27/05/2013 between 12:48-14:03

The talisman was made during the rare triple conjunction of Mercury Jupiter and Venus on May the 27th between 12:48-14:03.

Essentially this is a Mercury Talisman, Invoking the power of Mercury in his own sign of Gemini highlighting acute mental functions, learning, speech and memory.

But in this cosmic “coincidence” this Talisman enjoys the additional energetic reinforcements of the two most benific planets in the sky; Venus adds the aesthetic impulse, harmonizing and adding an artistic touch, with mercury she fuses mental and sensual pleasure, curiosity and excitement.

Mercury Talisman

Eclipse Talisman

On the 10th of May between 5:40-6:12 I was able to recreate a limited edition of the unique genuine Eclipse Talisman.

This talisman symbolizes the acceleration of powerful changes and the courage to implement them. The inner symbol is made from gold and is the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Sun’while the outer symbol that creates an image of the crescent of the Moon is made from silver thus creating an alchemical balance.


Eclipse Talisman

Kabbalah Inspired Jewelry New Video

A new video about kabbalah inspired jewelry.

In this video I talk about the meaning and the symbolism I use in my kabbalah jewelry.


kabbalah inspired jewelry

Kabbalah Jewelry


The sources, meaning and teachings of the Kabbalah and the maening of my Kabbalah Amulets and talismans. http://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/p-categories/kabbalah…