The Green Stone Dream

In 1995, I had a dream that sent me looking for a mysterious green stone: “A store appeared in one of the alleys. It had a fantastic variety of artifacts including unusual stones. I asked the sales girl for a green stone named “Shamballa”. She said that they didn’t have that stone and showed me … Read more

David’s animals

Luben, Kesem, Philipe and Banga Since childhood I was connected to nature and animals. Today I have two cats and two dogs (and of course the Discus fish).    

Lotus Wedding – Phil & Judy’s story

I am at times speechless at the happiness people share with me – Good Day and Happy New Year! I do not remember if we told you how we received the rings…. on Saturday Dec 22, we were expecting the rings to arrive.  In our minds we imagined their arrival so that we could have … Read more

The Personal creation continues

I have  the pleasure of sharing with you a truly unique testimonial I received. “The product arrived in the stated period and I would like being thankful to it, therefore its work is wonderful. I was made an impression. I am thankful to you. I am sending two images of a box, that I gave … Read more

Heart warming letter

A letter  I received from a sweet woman from Belgium: “Dear David, I want to let you know how I came on your website!!!  I’m very close with Grandma Chandra (had 4 readings with Judith Moore – a medium who is telepathich with Chandra!).  Through a friend from the Netherlands I got a lot of … Read more

An interesting implementation of the Tree of Life

Gerrit and Lindi, two dear people from South Africa, recently sent me this: “Dear David… Last night while studying the Sepheroth I decided to build a 3D model of the Etz Chaim to widen my perspective on this magnificent structure. Like you will see on the attachments we used marshmallows and straws. I am sendind … Read more

A picture is worth more than a thousand words..

They say “a picture is worth more than a thousnad words” and look at what Li from Holland (one of my favourite costumers) sent me!! You can see here two Mobius rings, The Five metals ring, The Lotus ring, a Tibetan Hung ring and a Happiness ring.