New – I love therefore I am ring

Another new design I’m working on is a ring with my own version of the philosopher Descartes’ famous saying “I think, therefore I am”. This saying, originally stated in French, is mostly known in its Latin version: “Cogito, ergo sum”. My version is “I love, therefore I am” which will be inscribed in Latin on … Read more

I CHING pendant

I’m currently working on about 10 completely new designs based on new ideas. The first one I would like to tell you about is the I CHING pendant. The I CHING (literally meaning “the classic of changes” or “the book of changes”) is one of the most ancient Chinese texts. It is actually a method … Read more

A happy trio

Here’s a great photo for all of you to enjoy – in the front my dog KESEM (magic in Hebrew). On the left, her mother Banga and on top them both – My cat Philipe. Enjoy.

Metadron’s cube project

These days, I’m working on creating a Metadron’s cube which is a shape that contains all the molecular shapes combined together. This is a very complex model, including many shapes one inside the other and will be about 20cm large. I want to create a few of these and place them in different places in … Read more

Nature’s jewel of the day – The crystal red shrimp

The Crystal red shrimp is a freshwater shrimp from the genus Caridina. The crystal red shrimp is a red color variation of the bee shrimp from China and Hong Kong.  It was selectively bred from the bee shrimp by Mr. HISAYASU SUZUKI In 1996. Here is my shrimp hatchery for you  – Enjoy!!!