Mobius Ring Gold With Diamonds

Mobius Ring Gold With Diamonds

A Sacred Symbol of the Unity and Oneness

Discover the unity of the inner divine self with the outer world

The ring with only one side - a symbol of unity and oneness

People often ask me what is the most powerful symbol I've encountered over the years. I usually smile, take a pair of scissors and a strip of paper, reverse one of its edges, attach it and create a Mobius Strip. It is one of my favorite symbols because it is so simple and yet so powerful. It represents a key to the endless cosmic process of cause and effect. It represents karma - the implications of everything you do in the world and vice versa. It's also a symbol of unity and it acts as a constant reminder to look at everything outside the delusional dualistic concept of good and bad, us and them, and the "I" "ME" "MINE".

So back to the paper strip. (you can conduct this little experiment yourself ):
To make a Mobius strip, take a paper page and cut it into a strip (24cm height, 4cm width for the sake of convenience). Now give one of the two ends half a twist and then reattach the two ends. This way you will create a Mobius strip. The Mobius ring has only one side. To see it clearly, take a pen and draw a line on the paper ring so that the end of the line reaches the beginning of that same line. You will end up drawing the line on the whole surface of the ring.

There is no difference between the inside and the outside of the Mobius ring. This is a representation of the mysterious one, the creative force that exists in everything and is everything. Man perceives reality in a dualistic manner of good and evil. The dualistic perception of reality does not recognize the one force behind existence. The Mobius ring is a beautiful reflection of this simplistic, yet hidden truth.

The Mobius ring is great as a gift between partners as a symbol of unity and oneness. On a similar note, the Mobius ring serves eloquently as a wedding ring.