Viking's Freedom Bracelet Silver

Viking's Freedom Bracelet Silver

A Powerful Symbol of Freedom and Leadership

Bring freedom and leadership into your life through social equality

The Viking Bracelet was made for the purpose of finding your own path to freedom and focus on your own inner fire.

This bracelet design is inspired by Viking culture. The Vikings pioneered trade, exploration, and colonization of new lands for over 300 years before any other European power. Despite being pirates and adventurers, they were the first white people to arrive in America, long before Columbus. The meaning of the name Vikings in old Nordish is Pirates and indeed robbing was a way of life for them.

The Vikings symbolize freedom and true social equality. There is a story of a messenger who was sent on behalf of a French prince to seek out the leader of the Vikings, in order to negotiate with him and talk him out of attacking Paris. The messenger came back unsuccessful and dejected, He reported that when he requested to talk with their leader, the Vikings replied, "we are all leaders."