Cat's Eye Abundance Ring Gold

Cat's Eye Abundance Ring Gold

A Shining Symbol of Abundance

Live a fulfilled life of abundance through giving and compassion

The cat's eye stone is known for showering abundance. In the book "SEGULOT Israel" by Rabbi Shabtai Ish Lipshitz ZATZAL it says: "Said the men of India that virtue comes to the one who carries it, that he will not come to poverty, and instead of poverty he will come to richness".

The Cat's eye stone, known as Chrysoberyl, contains fibers of the mineral mica. When you point a light source at the stone, a strip of light appears in the center resembling a cat's eye.

The inscription on the ring is taken from a Jewish prayer and it says: "Opens thy hand and satisfies all that is alive" (POTE'ACH ET YADCHA U-MASBI'A LEKOL CHAI RATZON).

The ring helps the adjust his/her state of mind and empowers him/her to open up to and accept the all-pervading abundance that surrounds us.