Pentagramic Torus Knot Ring Silver

Pentagramic Torus Knot Ring Silver

King Solomons Seal and unity symbol joined together

Unity between pentagram and a Torus knot

The Pentagramic Torus knot

The Pentagramic Torus knot is one of the knots that can be created on the Torus tube. The Torus tube is a shape created out of the basic structure of creation – the Seed of Life. It is a 3-dimensional shape that looks like a ball, with its surface going in and out of its center. This is one of the basic shapes of the universe and it is the ultimate symbol of unity since it has no inner or outer side. Because of that, it symbolizes for the wearer the unity between what you are experiencing as the outer world and as your inner world.

The Pentagram and the Star of David both appear in creation. At first, the creator was all that exists, endless, limitless and unaware of his own existence. This is also the reason for the entire creation – As a mirror in which he could understand himself and become aware of his existence.

The creation started as a small dot in the empty endless space, from which 3 axes were projected creating the 3-dimensional space: up and down; forward and backward; left and right. Equally connecting the lines will produce the Octahedron, a double pyramid. This is the first structure created, from which both the Star of David and the Pentagram can be derived.
As explained in the article about the Flower of Life, the Octahedron is one of 5 geometrical shapes, unique in having their entire vertexes tangent with the surface of a ball. The next stage of creation, the next structure created, was a ball form turning the Octahedron on all its axes.

Out of the initial ball, or the initial circle, the pattern of the Seed of Life was created. If we were to turn the Seed of Life on its axis we will receive the Torus tube. On the surface of the torus tube, we can create many knots that consist of one line, with no beginning and no end.

The quintuple knot in the ring connects the structures of the torus tube and the pentagram, two structures representing the divine consciousness which is creation itself.