Mother Earth Pendant Gold

Mother Earth Pendant Gold

All profit from this pendant will be given to green organization

Heal our world through raising consciousness to ecology

All profits from the sale of this pendant will be donated 
to organizations that deal with ecological matters

The mother earth pendant was created to express and strengthen the connection between us, humanity and the only home we have - Earth. The systematic destruction and devastation of natural resources are interfering with the delicate ecological balance of the planet. We are seeing rapid climatic changes taking place these days, damage to nature, to rainforests, destruction of coral reefs and the disappearance of millions of species in a matter of decades. The resources of Planet Earth are being destroyed – water, earth, the air we breathe, trees and the oceans. Large parts of humanity are today awakening to this fact and understanding the desperate need for change. 

The four circles crossing each other are part of the sacred geometry structure known as the SEED OF LIFE. The full structure is composed of seven intersecting circles which contain the basic mathematical laws of existence. The four intersecting circles are known as the Third Day of Genesis when according to the biblical story the oceans, the lands, the trees and the plants were created...

Hanging from the bottom of the pendant is a smaller medallion on which is engraved the question in Hebrew - “will you change it?” ("HATESHANU") This word is mentioned in the Biblical Code and although opinions vary as to the veracity of the Code, it did succeed in prophesying different historical events such as mass wars and the murder of Prime Minister Rabin. It is interesting to note that when texts in the Bible Code foresee such events, next to the section always appears the question “will you change it?” The future is not fixed; rather it is composed of almost an infinite number of possibilities, each one of which leads to a different possible future. 

Around the word “will you change it?” is a passage from the prophet Isaiah “Say the letters backward” which can be interpreted in two ways – tell or read the events backward – in other words, reveal future, or read the letters from the end to the beginning. It is fascinating to note that below the passage appear two words written from the end to the beginning “change the time”.

The future of Mother Earth and the destiny of humanity are in the hands of each one of us!