Ouroboros Earrings Silver

Ouroboros Earrings Silver

A symbol of Ouroboros Dragon that eats his own tail

To bring the wearer a sense of unity between the external and the internal

 The Ouroboros earrings

Around the symbol appears the Ouroboros in the form of a Lizard that swallows its tail. This symbol represents the eternal changing of the universe which we in fact experience as time. The reason for using this symbol results from the fact that the ancients saw the lizard dropping its skin or growing it tail anew and saw in this a symbol of eternity and renewal. The Ouroboros symbol is one of my favorite symbols since it represents the entire universe and the world of phenomena that is changing in front of our eyes.

The symbol of the ouroboros, Divination ability and the book of Dune
One of the more interesting places where this symbol appears in it cosmic connection as well as in the series of the books of Dune by Frank Herbert. The books have deep philosophical meanings. The plot deals in the esoteric levels of the cyclic cosmic and the ability to envision the future.

The Ouroboros appears in Dune as an imaginary creation called sandworm, in the place that rests in the sands of the star Arakis. From the Sandworm itself, a material is extracted with which one can envision the future. In one of the phases of the plot the Hero who aspires to discover and materialize the purpose of the creation or the goal of creation, unite with the sandworm itself and after his death, the sandworm splits and reverts to being innumerable sandworms wherein each one of them is a splinter of the consciousness of that being.

The Ouroboros dragon is a well known ancient alchemy symbol which symbolizes the equality of the internal and external.