Healing Rafa Ring Gold

Healing Rafa Ring Gold

Symbol of Healing – received by Dvora Perlman

To bring the wearer healing and complete recovery. The spiral flows counterclockwise as a symbol to going back in years.

The healing symbol is based on the language of the Old Testament and its holy scriptures – Hebrew.

The symbol is constructed from three Hebrew letters –"ר" (R), " (P) and "א" (A) and is the root for the Hebrew word for healing (REPHUA) that is also part of the Archangel Raphael's name. The symbol in the ring flows counterclockwise in a spiral motion. This circular and spiral flow helps us experiencing to the full and reconnect to the basic circle of life and creation. When this connection is made all ailments and unpleasantness begin to open and heal and we return to our beginnings, to be and to live as we were originally created.

The symbol was revealed to the spirit of Dvorah Perlman in 2002 and is now available as a ring for the first time.

May you be blessed with a full and complete recovery!