Gordian Knot Pendant Silver Medium

Gordian Knot Pendant Silver Medium

A Sacred Symbol of Oneness and Unity

Solve karmic problems in your life through unity and oneness with the world around you

Three are the circles of existence - light, chaos and awareness

The Gordian knot pendant shape also known as the Torus knot, can be made on a Torus tube which looks like a donut or a sphere. This turns in from one side and comes out the other in a perpetual motion. The Torus tube contains many mathematical formulas and equations. Science began using this model as a geometric\mathematical model of the universe. Sacred geometry also made extensive use of this shape.

The Gordian knot is associated in legend of Alexander the Great:
Gordias made the knot. Seeing the intricacy of the knot, an oracle declared that whoever succeeds in untying the rope knot would become the king of Asia. In 333 BC, Alexander attempted to untie the knot. When he couldn't find any end to the knot, he proceeded to slice it in half with a stroke of his sword (the so-called "Alexandrian solution").

"Three are the circles of existence:
The circle of Light where dwells nothing but God and only God can traverse it.
The circle of Chaos, from which all things by nature arise from death.
The Circle of awareness where all things spring from life.
Emerald tablet of Thoth

Many people claim that after wearing the Gordian knot pendant during the daytime,they had dreams in which they were able to solve difficult "Karmatic" personal relations or situations. The reason for this is that the pendant symbolizes the idea of unity, which transcends every difficulty.

The Gordian knot pendant symbolizes the idea of unity which binds everything into one.