Mercury Talisman Pendant (*Sold Out!*)

Mercury Talisman Pendant (*Sold Out!*)

Limited edition from 27th of May 2013 - Mercury+Venus+Jupiter conjunction

Brings clarity to the mind, concentration of mental energy, coherence in thoughts and analyzing and organizing skills.

Mercury Talisman Pendant (*Sold Out!*)

Sold Out!

Assembled on the 8th of May 2014 between 13:17-13:56 GMT+3 while Mercury is in his own sign (Gemini)

Essentially this is a Mercury Talisman, Invoking the power of Mercury in his own sign of Gemini highlighting acute mental functions, learning, speech and memory.

This talisman is VERY powerful, especially for mental clarity, focused and piercing intellect, and speech. It strengthens the minds perception, and memory, and helps learning, understanding, and communicating.

The talisman brings the power of Mercury in its most refined and exalted state, it brings clarity to the mind, a concentration of mental energy, coherence in thoughts and application, analyzing and organizing skills, enhances lucidity of speech, words and definition. It helps in ailments of the mind and brings focus to thinking processes.