Ka Ring Silver With Zircons

Ka Ring Silver With Zircons

Ancient symbol of creation, fertility and creativity

Embrace the ancient symbol of creation, life fertility and creativity

The basic motif in this ring is the basic structure of The Seed of Life.
The seven intersecting circles creating this pattern contains the blueprint of creation; as also the mathematical and geometrical laws of the cosmos. This structure also represents the seven days of Genesis.

The structure begins as two circles crossing each other and creating the Vesica Piscis pattern which is the symbol of consciousness and light and it ends as the sevenfold circles' structures which is the Seed of Life.
This pattern can be found all over the world in ancient monuments and temples. It is a symbol of creation, fertility and blessing.

The term “Ka” is an ancient Egyptian term and it means “life force” or “the source of life” or “the spark of life”.

The symbol in the middle of the ring is part of our logo!