Venus Ring Silver Talisman (*Sold Out!*)

Venus Ring Silver Talisman (*Sold Out!*)

Limited edition! Will be created during Venus In Pisces exaltation between 26/2-22/3

Brings endless unconditional love and radiates harmony and beauty.

Venus Ring Silver Talisman (*Sold Out!*)

Sold Out!A Powerful archetype of Unconditional love and Beauty

On the 26/2 Venus will enter the sign of Pisces the sign of her Exaltation and will stay there until the 22/3. Our astrologer Michael Ofek will locate the specific time window when Venus is most Auspicious during this period, for recreating the different Venus Talismans and fill the endless requests from many of you who have waited for these pieces to return.

The top of the ring is a replica of an ancient relief of Venus with a body of a fish holding a mirror as a symbol of beauty. On one side of the ring there is the sign of Venus and on the other the sign of Pisces.

Venus rules The aesthetic impulse, love sensuality and attraction, beauty and artistic ability. She is the organ of romantic relationships and gives a flare of charisma and sociability. When she is exalted all of her attributes are strongly pronounced in the most elegant way, she becomes attractive and magnetizing and is herself attracted by the pleasant, serene and gentle circumstances and persons.

While in Pisces, Venus which represents love and union gives an additional octave of high and spiritual love and companionship. She raises the sensitivity to beauty and the arts, and her affection becomes universal and compassionate. These Talismans help in bringing love in its many forms into our life, but most specifically romantic love. for those who are in a relationship, the Talisman will help to enhance and reawaken the love and sensitivity in its most essential forms, and bring joy and harmony to the relationship. Talismans for venus are said to also bring fertility, intimacy, and pleasure, and enhance harmonious surroundings