Venus Seashell Talisman Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Venus Seashell Talisman Gold (*Limited Edition*)

Assembled on 1st of June 2019 while the Moon will be conjoining Venus in the sign Taurus

Universal Symbol of Fertility, Beauty, Relationships in general and Intimacy in particular. Developing Esthetic Sense and Artistic Abilities

Venus Seashell Talisman Gold (*Limited Edition*)

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Assembled on the 1st of June 2019 between 10:35-11:20 GMT+3 

In this election, The Moon will be conjoining Venus in the sign Taurus, while both are culminating at the Midheaven at Venus planetary hour. This conjunction is unique, as Taurus is not only the sign ruled by Venus but also the Exaltation sign of the Moon, which strongly fortifies the lunar qualities. In this sense, the Moon is not only activating and “translating” the Venusian virtues to earth, but also gives of his own, which makes this talisman also a strong Lunar Talisman. Venus and Moon have a very strong natural affinity and strengthen each other significations. More so when in the earthly sign of Taurus then anywhere else in the Zodiac.

Venus is the star of beauty and harmony; she governs the wholeness and harmony of nature. That which we see as beauty is the perfect combination of proportions that flow smoothly together in a wonderful dance.

Venus is the universal symbol of fertility, beauty, relationships in general and intimacy in particular. Venus is the expression of our female aspect and creates compatibility, unity and compromise. She characterizes the urge for connection, for merging, cooperation and flow, for pleasantness, softness and joy. She is also connected to a well developed esthetic sense and artistic abilities.

The symbols in this talisman are astrological symbol of venus in the middle of the upper part of the Talisman and beneath the bail you will be able to recognize the astrological sign of Taurus, while
the seashell is an ancient symbol of venus.