Personalized Magical Couples Rings V3

Personalized Magical Couples Rings V3

Lunar ring - Silver and White Gold, Solar ring - Gold. Personalized Astrology Talismanic Rings made According to Couple’s Birth Charts

Strengthen the bond of love and compassion, helping couples unite and act together in harmonious partnership

Personalized Magical Couples Rings 

The price is for both rings together! Ring size can be different for each ring.
Lunar ring made from Silver and White Gold 14K 
(inner part with the magical 'alphabet' )
Solar ring made from Gold 14k yellow 

Made according to couple’s birth charts. 
Meant to Strengthen the bond of love.
Great for wedding or anniversary rings.

Since I’ve received many requests to make Talismanic wedding and relationship rings, I’ve finally came up with a unique concept for such rings. These rings are intended to strengthen the bond of love and compassion, helping couples unite and act together in harmonious partnership while maintaining each person's uniqueness and individuality.

Personalized to your birth charts
When ordering the Talisman, you need to send us both of your birth dates, time and place of birth as accurate as possible. Our in-house astrologer - Michael Ofek prepares your birth charts and your composite chart (a chart derived from both charts, signifying the unique combinations of energies that make up the relationship). He will then determine the right time for the Talisman rings to be “born”. 

These Magical wedding Rings invoke the energy of the Sun and Moon, as the basic male-female archetypes. Intertwined in their courses and complementing effects, they symbolize the “alchemical wedding” of man and women.

magical 'alphabet' of the Sun

magical 'alphabet' of the Moon

The Solar and Lunar rings are embedded with the magical 'alphabet' of each of the Lights.
The alphabet or planetary characters are taken from the "Picatrix" (a very important magical text that compiles of many ancient magical texts) and from “Three books of occult philosophy” by the Renaissance mage Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. Like other magical planetary symbols, the alphabet intention is to communicate with the planetary spirit and drew its energy.

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