Цуба с журавлями, золото

Цуба с журавлями, золото

Великий символ Верности и Долголетия

Живите долго и познайте силу верности

The Tsuba is actually the hand shield from the Samurai swords. In the 17-18th century when there were periods of peace in Japan, the Tsuba, like the Samurai sword itself, became a decorational symbol used in various ceremonies. Skilled Artists and jewelers produced breathtaking models according to demand. The Tsuba reflected Japanese tradition and included traditional Japanese geometric models. The Tsubas included images from nature in accordance with Haiku poetry that describes a moment in time and traditional symbols that reflect courage, fidelity, diligence and clarity of thought.

The Tsubas from my point of view represent the symbol of “The Diamond sword” from Zen philosophy. The very sword that metaphorically cuts the world of illusion, the superfluous thoughts and feelings that mislead the human being and prevent him from seeing and accepting the reality as it is.

The Tsuba is a symbol of courage, fidelity and diligence.

The Cranes symbolize fidelity and longevity.