Кулон для исцеления "Рафа", золото, большой

Кулон для исцеления "Рафа", золото, большой

Символ исцеления, полученный Дворой Перлман

Этот кулон принесет вам полное выздоровление. Спираль, закрученная против часовой стрелки, символизирует омоложение. На кулоне выгравирована молитва об исцелении.

This healing symbol is based on of the Old Testament and its language – Hebrew.

The symbol is constructed from three Hebrew letters –"ר" (R), "פ" (PH) and "א" (A) and is the root for the Hebrew word for healing (REPHUA) that is also part of the Archangel Raphael's name. 

The symbol in the pendant flows counterclockwise in a spiral motion. This circular and spiral flow helps us fully experience and reconnect to the basic circle of life and creation. When this connection is made all ailments and unpleasantness begin to open and heal and we return to our beginnings, to be and to live as we were originally created.

Above the symbol, engraved the prayer taken from Numbers 12:13 – "G-D Heal her now". The prayer was originally said by Moses who prayed that his sister will be cured of leprosy (a prayer which was answered by God). 

We can add the name of a specific person and his mother's name in order to focus the power of this healing prayer (please write it to us in the order comment box).

The symbol was revealed to Dvora Pearlman in 2002.

May you be blessed with a full and complete recovery!