Кулон "Близнецы",серебро (*Sold Out!*)

Кулон "Близнецы",серебро (*Sold Out!*)

Количество ограничено - осталось всего девять кулонов! Кулон изготавливается во время оптимального влияния Солнца в знаке Близнецов.

Для рожденных под знаком Близнецов. Прикоснитесь к источнику жизненной энергии Солнца, чтобы создать в своей жизни гармонию и процветание.

Кулон "Близнецы",серебро (*Sold Out!*)

Sold Out!

The Gemini pendant is a genuine "Gemini talisman". Only 13 pieces were assembled on the 21th of May between 13:48 -13:28 which is the time of the greatest sun influence on Gemini.

It is a known astrological principle that we aspire to embody the fully the energy of the sun as the sun is the generator of the life force, of great inner power. It is a way to tap into our most basic force of being. When we stand at the centre of our 'life' (sun) everything starts orbiting around us in clarity, all our planets (different life expressions) act in harmonious way. When we say - I am an Aries/I am Gemini etc… we mean that in the time we are born the sun is in that zodiac sign.

The bottom of the pendant contains the Lotus Flower which closes in the night and opens to the sun during the day. It is a symbol of accepting the power of the sun.

The talisman contains peace of Brass inside which is the metal that represents the Gemini sign.

Zodiac Pendants Series
The Gemini talisman is part of the series of Zodiac Talismans. There is a basic Talisman and each month I make the specific sign Talisman with the relevant Egyptian Zodiac glyphs and the metals of the sign. Each month the pendant will be made during the optimal time of higher solar energy to help enhance life force and reconnect with our creative energy.