Genesis Pendant Silver and Gold

Genesis Pendant Silver and Gold

Powerful Symbol of Creativity - with Symbols for Each Day of Creation

Bring creativity and love to the wearer. Creativity is what defines us as humans.

The Genesis Pendant

As always, for the past few weeks I've been looking for a new and powerful symbol for 2014, and since I've decided to dedicate this year for creative ideas and new enterprises I came up with the Genesis Pendant.
My intention was to create the perfect and most powerful symbol for creativity. A symbol that connects us as humans to the ancient creation stories. For that I took the symbol of the Seed of Life, the cosmic symbol of creation; the mathematical/geometrical blueprint of consciousness itself that can be found in many ancient cultures all over the world. The seven intersecting circles that create a hexagram/six petals flower are actually connected to the biblical story and the first chapter of Genesis about the six days of creation. 

I used a different symbol to depict each day. The first thing that was created was the light, which also symbolizes consciousness and life, so for the first day, I’ve used the vesica Pisces symbol (the two intersecting circles) which symbolize light, and also the source of creation from which any mathematical/geometrical law can be derived.

The second day - water, our source of life here on Earth. I’ve used the ancient symbol of a fish, which was used in the ancient world as a symbol of fertility. 

The third day according to the biblical story was the day Mother Earth was created (the plants). 

On the fourth day, we have the Sun the Moon and the stars

The fifth day was the creation of the animal kingdom.

The sixth day was when we the human being was born and for that, I’ve used my symbol for “humanity” - the Phoenician ancient Hebrew letter ALEPH which actually depicts the head of an ox (turn it 45 degrees counterclockwise). The word Aleph means “to cultivate” and indeed cultivation and creativity are what I believe define us as humans. 

The stone I’ve used for this model (though you can order it with your favorite stone) is a green or pink Tourmaline - the stone of love and protection since many cultures use the symbol of the Seed of Life as a talisman for that purpose.